About Us

Local business, local art, and local causes.

We wouldn't have it any other way.


Our Story, Our Goals

Art is the medium of human emotion, and the Peaceful Hearts Community Cooperative focuses on the promotion and sale of local artwork, produced by local artisans of varying levels of experience and skill. In addition, the Cooperative promotes the success of local businesses and spaces.

The Peaceful Hearts Community Cooperative is committed to creating interesting, engaging events focused on supporting local businesses and local artisans. 


Meet The Founder

The Peaceful Hearts Community Cooperative is founded and run by Reno teen Karly McCutcheon. Karly is sixteen years old and a junior in high school at the Davidson Academy. 

Karly is passionate about helping her community- She is a lifelong Girl Scout, frequently does volunteer work, and is greatly interested in social change.

This company is founded in honor of her late grandfather Don Shull, who spent his life committed to artistic design and creativity in his career as a professional landscaper, brickworker, and exterior home designer.